My name is Millie Tang, a bartender and photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

The pursuit of both hospitality and photography has provided the opportunity for me to fulfil a unique niche through a comprehensive understanding of spirit production, brand knowledge, cocktail creation, bartending technique along with photographic and post production ability and understanding of social media platforms. I’ve had the fortune to work and foster amazing relationships with both local and global brands on a freelance and collaborative basis, not just in a content creation capacity but through beverage and industry consultation as well as interstate and international brand activation and both national and international cocktail competition experiences.

My first and preferred creative focus was and still is portrait and fashion photography, but throughout the pursuit of my hospitality career I've developed a passion for beverage and content photography as well as branding, creative direction, content creation and social media management with a particular focus on the hospitality and alcohol industry.

Thus far:

ALIA Bartender of the Year 2019

Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge 2019 global champion

1st place - Speed Rack Australia 2019 

Bacardi Legacy Australia Top 4 2019

Drinks World T25 Most Influential Top 25 2019

Australian Bartender 100 Most Influential List 2019

2nd place - Speed Rack Australia 2018

Drinks World T25 Most Influential Top 100 2018